The Seiko 5 Sports SRPE69K – A Perfect Companion For Late Night Burger Runs

By Daniel Yong

Before getting into the SRPE69K, I feel like I need to give you all a back story. The Seiko 5 has always meant a lot to me both as a watch enthusiast and for the nostalgia of my early twenties. About a decade ago, I received my first Seiko 5 sports watch as a gift from the father of a girl I used to date. He was a watch collector and I remember him owning a Rolex GMT of some sort. But it was from that moment where my interest in mechanical watches peaked. I remember trying to process how a watch could be powered by a bunch of tiny cogs and gears, in partnership with the movements of my wrist. And till this very day, I’m obviously still fascinated by them. Before signing up to Instagram or the various forums and Facebook watch groups, that Seiko was my only watch for years. I wore it throughout university, teacher practicums, last minute essays and multiple (and regretful) midnight visits to Maccas (for international friends, Maccas is an Aussie abbreviation for McDonalds). Unfortunately, that piece has long since departed from my life. Don’t ask me for the reference number or photos, I just don’t have any (damn you failed hard drive). But what I miss the most, was that feeling of excitement as a watch enthusiast. One where you knew so little (which I still do by the way) and found joy dreaming of that “grail piece” or seeing it on the wrist of others online. I always knew that some kind of Seiko 5 would re-enter my life again at some point, and the price and look of the SRPE69K was too good to resist. But I fear for my bank balance that I’ve just fallen into an unnecessary vortex of Seiko that I’ve been avoiding.

A review but not really

I’ve always liked the look of an all blacked out watch and that’s exactly what the SRPE69K is. I have no idea how else to phrase the vibes I get from this watch except that it’s just simply cool. Interestingly enough, black has been known to be the colour of stealth. But I wonder, when a piece is completely blacked out and worn during the day, is it still stealthy? Perhaps that’s a story for another blog. On the wrist, the watch wears comfortably even at 40 mm. I believe that this is achievable due to the sloped lugs and recessed crown at 4 o’clock (which I’m a big fan of). Seriously, go into your Seiko boutique right now and try it on, you’ll love it!

Other things to note is that this piece comes equipped with 10 bars of water resistance which makes it suitable as an everyday wrist companion. However, one thing that may irk potential buyers is that it does not feature a screw down crown. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal as I would rather wear a G-Shock to the beach or pools. In addition, this particular model does not feature any lume. However, its other siblings do sport the Lumitbrite on the indices and hands that we all love. And by the way folks, remember that these are supposed to be “street style” watches.

Speaking of street style, I really love what Seiko are doing with their new Seiko 5 line. They’re offering a range of colour combinations that’s attainable for most. I’m talking about teenagers and other young people who may want a good watch but may not yet be able to afford pieces exceeding 1000 Australian dollars. But let’s not just limit it to students, the Seiko 5 pieces are incredible value for anyone wanting something from a respectable watch house with an extensive pedigree of watchmaking. I mean, the more wrists that occupy a mechanical watch the better right?

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