The Nomos Tetra Symphony Quartet

By Daniel Yong

Excuse the title, I just had to! This blog post is all about the Nomos Tetra Symphony collection inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven. If you’re a fan of his music, you would recognise that all four models have been named after the titles of his work which include: Ode To Joy, Divine Spark, Immortal Beloved and Fidelio. All four pieces come in with a case sized at 29.5 mm by 29.5 mm and lug widths of 18 mm. On my 7 inch wrists they sit beautifully which was a warm welcome as I had no idea what the resulting look would be. I previously reviewed the Tetra Duo (which is still my favourite variant by the way) which is sized at 27 mm and found this to be a perfect classical size despite being considered a very small watch by modern standards. But in my own fashion, I just don’t give a shit. I loved how it looked on my wrist! This was the reason why I wasn’t sure how the 29.5 mm sizing was going to go, but it really didn’t make a difference. This watch would look fantastic on a wide range of wrists and I think part of this is because of the shorter lugs.

The dials feature beautiful colourways, three pastels and one darker navy blue. The Divine Spark which is my personal favourite, features a beautiful copper (some say salmon) dial with gold hands and black printing. The Ode To Joy which was my first pick, has now taken its place as second, illustrates a beautiful restrained green dial with gold hands. The Immortal Beloved has a unique pulled-back turquoise green dial that looks even better in person! I was amazed by this one at how beautiful it looked and I must also admit that this was the first time I’ve seen this colourway on a dial. My reflections on this piece is that it would look great for someone aspiring to steer clear from the thousands of blue and green coloured dials currently offered in the current market. Speaking of blue dials, if being ‘safe’ is your thing you could also choose the Fidelio which comes in a familiar midnight blue colour with contrasting gold hands.

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