The Nomos Minimatik Champagne Ref 1204

By Daniel Yong

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall and observe the drafting process of the Minimatik (designed by Simon Husslein). In my opinion, this family of watches in the Nomos line up exhibits itself as both elegantly refined while also having the audacity to flip the bird at all those who stick their nose up at it. Funnily enough, I read an article a few years ago where Mr Uwe Ahrendt (chief executive of Nomos) stated that the brand is “for people who can read and write”. I laughed at this statement and thought to myself at how much of a boss Mr Ahrendt was. Like, he could tell me to f*** off and I would reply, “yes sir”. In all seriousness though, one of the design approaches that I love about Nomos is how at first glance, their timepieces don’t shout at you in a desperate plea for attention but rather, invite you to savour the details.

Why the Nomos Minimatik Champagne Reference 1204 should be on your radar

If you’re after a timepiece that’s loud from the get-go (and slowly loses its charm), then this one isn’t for you. However, if you’re after an incredibly detailed watch that fits most occasions then read on. I mean seriously, while every man and his dog is found wearing the same old piece because influencers told them to, the Minimatik 1204 confidently does its own thing. Let me explain why this model is so satisfying to wear. This example with its gorgeous galvanized champagne dial, plays so well in its environment. In bright light it demonstrates hues of fresh apricot contrasting against the reflecting applied dots on the outer chapter ring. My favourite feature about this watch though, is in subdued light where there is a filter, whether it be a sheer near the window or on a rainy day, this is where the dial looks its best (as with most dials I assume). The dial puts on a show, the shade becomes a dark champagne, resembling the sunrise in the early hours of the morning, and the orange small seconds hand just seriously grabs your attention.

Finally, for those not opting for the more popular Tangente, Orion or Ludwig designs due to the “long” lugs (which I adore by the way), the Minimatik offers tapered lugs that position downwards. This allows the watch to fully hug your wrist, almost sinking into your skin! But hold on, this tapering doesn’t just start from the case, it begins from the top of the sapphire crystal which is domed. The point of this piece was to have it flow seamlessly and oh boy did it. I have always been a huge fan of Nomos as they always seem to execute classic designs with a touch of contemporary funk without losing the core values of the brand. Oh, and if you are a collector of all things “first”, the Minimatik family was the first to feature the DUW 3001 automatic caliber.

Spec Summary


Nomos Minimatik Champagne Reference 1204

Case dimensions

Stainless steel, diameter 35.5 mm with height of 8.9 mm


Domed sapphire crystal glass


DUW 3001 automatic with power reserve up to 43 hours


Galvanized, champagne gold minute markers neon orange


Rhodium-plated, seconds hand neon orange

Water Resistance


Lug Width

18 mm

RRP as of publishing

5480 AUD

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