The Nomos Ludwig 175 Years Limited Edition

By Daniel Yong

I’m obviously a bit delayed, but a few weeks ago Nomos released a trio of limited-edition pieces that celebrated 175 years of watchmaking in Glashutte. I won’t lie, I get most of my news via Instagram and from what I saw, this release melted social media upon its announcement. Like most Nomos collectors, I too quickly jumped on the bandwagon to secure my own piece. Fortunately, I was able to score one. But not just any numbered model, out of the 175 units manufactured, I landed number eight! And you bet the Chinese heritage in me was screaming.

A few things explained

So why is this trio so hot? Well, from the railroad minutes track, to the elegant slender roman numerals, the design of the Ludwig always offered collectors something between the Tangente and the Orion. In my opinion, the Ludwig is a chameleon that possesses the ability to blend in situations where one sports formal or casual auttire. I dare say, it does it better than the famed Tangente or Orion. To add on, what I believe makes this trio highly desirable comes down to two clever but subtle factors. One being the use of a painting process where the result resembles enamel, and the switch from the long minimalist hands, to a trio of slender leaf blued hands.

I’m not sure if Nomos had used leaf hands in the past, but damn I do hope this becomes a permanent thing. It just works so well on their watches, especially the Ludwig. But the real winner here is the dial. Every watch aficionado adores the idea of an enamel or porcelain made dial. It makes the watch so much more special because of the extra level of craftsmanship that needs to be carried out. More importantly, they look so damn good. However, our particular example in question here is not enamel, but it’s been made to resemble it and boy does it look good. In order to achieve this look, Nomos uses high-gloss lacquer and coats the dial with several layers. After the application of each layer, the dial is polished before the next layer is applied. From this process, a light transparency can be seen in the surface of the dial, giving the look of enamel. Pretty cool right?

On the wrist

On my seven-inch wrist, it wears extremely well. Yes, even with the super long elegant lugs. For some reason, people seem to blindly write the design off due to the lugs which puzzles me. Why would you judge a design, or a watch based on online photos? Try it on your wrist and let the watch speak for itself in the metal. As you can see in the several photos below, the Ludwig (I opted for the 35 mm version) looks like a winner on several different straps. For those of you who missed out, don’t be disheartened as the standard models look equally as good (and they’re just a tad bit more affordable).

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