The GS9 Club Explained For The Unacquainted

By Daniel Yong

Original photo taken from Josep Kirk of Grand Seiko USA

Although by now I’m pretty sure I'm late to the party, I thought I’d share just what the GS9 Club is all about. But first, a brief introduction. Originally, the club was only operating in Japan as most have mentioned. A few days ago, the powerhouse team at Grand Seiko USA ran a Zoom meeting which was a special way to announce that the GS9 Club was being launched in the USA... ‘Murica (sorry I just had to)! Also, to the delight of American consumers, there was also a limited edition piece inspired by the country’s national symbol, the bald eagle. However, one should note that to be a member of the GS9 Club, you would have to register your watch that was purchased from a Boutique, Salon or Mastershop from March 23rd 2017. So uh... hopefully that was you.

Unfortunately for the rest of us around the world, we're just going to take a seat while our American friends enjoy exclusive events, merchandise and news. However, I highly suspect it won’t be long till the GS9 Club reaches our shores, considering the rapid rate of popularity Grand Seiko is enjoying.

Why GS9?

The truth? I actually have no idea, perhaps a more enlightened reader could inform me? But I’m guessing it might have something to do the brand’s iconic 44GS reference. Considering there are nine elements to the grammar of design (which still guides today’s modern references), which by the way, has been marketed strongly within the last couple of years, one would naturally suspect this informs the club’s name. I personally think it’s catchy and definitely sticks!

The advantages of being a member

As mentioned by several of the bigger online editorial watch companies, there are several advantages of becoming a member. The first is of course, access to exclusive pieces one would normally be able to purchase. But for the rest of us plebs who can’t afford to buy new pieces every month, you would be granted access to special events, gifts and articles. In Japan they also ran factory tours, this is probably all I’d want! Imagine seeing zaratsu polishing in action? Or the manufacturing of our favourite dials like the Snowflake or Mt Iwate!

Original photo taken from Grand Seiko USA

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