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By Daniel Yong

From left to right, the photos belong to Instagram users: @perpetual_horology, @m_r_watch and @24horiginal

The great Robin Sharma hinted at the notion that emptying your minds and being curious allows for one to gain more opportunities, in this case, the opportunity to learn and build an engaging community. And now there’s a segue, I totally started a new Instagram account @grandseikofamily. Get on it! But wait, aren’t you already @mrgrandseiko? That’s my main watch account, and I feature heaps of other brands that I adore. So yeah, I kind of shot myself in the foot there. Yes, Grand Seiko is my favourite brand for many reasons, but I don’t just like one manufacturer. As much as I obviously adore the brand, there are three main reasons for starting this page. The first is so that I could have a page that purely features Grand Seiko, followed by wanting to ‘thirst trap’ myself over the references that I don’t personally own or know of. And more importantly, to create an opportunity to understand and engage with other Grand Seiko collectors.

How the idea started

For those of you who’ve been using the Instagram platform during its early days, may have stumbled across the Instagram account, @horoloupe. The page is run by the ever so tasteful and humble Austen Chu, who if you skim through his feed, is clearly an Audemars Piguet (AP) collector and fan. The guy can boast (not his style though) about achieving the milestone of being the first ever collaboration between a big brand and collector to design a new watch. He’s kind of a big deal (wink). During his guest appearance on the Revolution podcast, Austen talks about the reasons why he started his secondary Instagram page, @audemarsfamily. He explained that his followers were sending him photos of their AP watches, which gave him the idea of starting a new page dedicated to the brand, where he could share the photos that people sent him.

I personally thought that this was cool, and thought to myself that I could do this, but with Grand Seiko. And so here we are.

Getting deeper into the ‘why’

As I mentioned earlier, the first reason for starting this page is to gawk over the many Grand Seiko models out there. As I quickly learnt, there’s an extensive list of models both vintage and modern that we have never even seen or heard of. Through the @grandseikofamily page, followers or those who know of the account, could tag me there and I could share their photos with all of you. After a month of running the account, I learnt that my knowledge of the brand wasn’t as well, informed… as I thought (compared to the actual experts out there), which I loved. It just made me get even more excited and curious about the brand. And to be honest, many of the photos that I get tagged in have so much level of skill both in subject placement and using the actual camera. And come on, who doesn’t like a bit of quality wrist perving?

Finally, as much as I love the actual watches, in some ways I appreciate the stories that build up the significance of the timepieces more. I love finding answers to questions like, why did you pick that model and not the limited edition one? Or tell me the story of how your grandfather passed down his 44GS to your dad. Or how your wife purchased you your first Grand Seiko at the boutique for your wedding anniversary. These stories also shape the decisions we make when purchasing a watch. And it isn’t like we are only spending a couple of bucks, it’s a few grand which for some, like me, takes a bit of saving up.

I really do appreciate these stories as it helps me engage on a deeper level with you guys. And so with that, keep on tagging and sharing your photos with me guys, I’ll see you on the ‘gram!

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