I do admit, initially I was never a fan of two-tone due to the association with the “baller” image (I’m not a baller by the way). My personal aesthetics is simple but simple done right, but I wouldn’t even consider my tastes to be minimalist either. Does that make sense?

My initial reactions to the SBGV238 were at first a mixture of confusion and excitement. This was due to the fact that I was finally able to see the iconic 9F movement through the sapphire caseback. Please Grand Seiko, consider using exhibition casebacks for all 5 star pointed movements. I was confused because I thought that two-toned watches had died out at the end of the 80s. On another note, since the release of the SBGV238 in 2018, there has since been a resurgence for two-tone by many of our favourite manufacturers. Maybe Grand Seiko knew something that we didn’t? To add on, I was confused in the sense that I wasn’t sure if I liked the actual design of the watch. If you’re going to utilise an 18 kt gold bezel, why not extend it to the bracelet? However, after eyeing the watch for almost a year through photographs online, I developed an appreciation for the watch and thought I’d make a final decision once I see it in person. And oh boy, did I fall in love. Paired with the fact that I didn’t own a watch inspired by the original 44GS case design, I decided that this was the one to get. The SBGV238 is the antithesis of my current collection and my favourite watch, the SBGW031. And you know what, who doesn’t like a rebel?

So after a couple of months of wearing this bad boy, I have to say, I love it and it’s here to stay. Some of you reading this might be thinking, “oh no, two-tone ain’t for me” and that’s fine. But honestly, two-tone can be interpreted in different ways. For one, they are more affordable than solid gold and provide you with the satisfaction of owning a bit of precious metal. And at times, can be more affordable than stainless steel pieces!

For me, I appreciate the SBGV238 because the 18 kt bezel against the highly polished case reminds me of summer in Sydney. Against certain angles, the bezel reflects a golden light which mimics the sun while going for a jog at Bondi. While the zaratsu polished case is reminiscent of the calm waters at Manly Beach. That’s right Grand Seiko, I too can draw upon inspiration from my environment.

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