Subtle Beauty – The Nomos Orion 33 Rose

By Daniel Yong

This week I decided to wear a series of Nomos watches. As I’ve already covered the Tangente Midnight Blue and the Orion White, this blog will focus on the Orion 33 Rose. Okay so it’s pretty clear by now, that the Orion is my favourite design from Nomos. You may have heard people talking about how long the lugs are, but in my opinion, I love them. To add on, the Orion comes in four sizes that you can choose from, don’t just listen to people until you’ve tried it on (a rule you should remember for other products too). Another feature to note, is that the lugs, although straight, do bend slightly towards the wrist.

The dial

In some photos, depending on lighting and whether the original shot was edited, you may notice that it’s a salmon or pink shade. In person, the dial is very subtle and can appear to be a light salmon colour that looks aged, or even a darker shade of pink. On top of that, you have beautiful golden applied indices and hands that add extra warmth to the overall look. Depending on the occasion and what shoes you are wearing, you could pair it with either the brand’s shell cordovan strap in black or dark brown. Otherwise wear it with light coloured suede. Why? It emphasises the dial details and allows the wearer (or the casual wrist pervert) to give it a second look. Again, you don’t have to listen to me at all, wear it however the hell you want.

Other quick notes

The Nomos Alpha movement is stunning of course. The heated blue screws and finishing are clearly visible through the sapphire exhibition caseback. Unlike some of their other models, this one comes standard with the exhibition caseback for all to see.

But what about the size?

Of course, due to it being under 35 mm (which common folk argue is too small for a dude), Nomos has labelled it as perfect for delicate wrists. Some say it’s for ladies. I say, if it looks good on your wrist, then wear it. It’s the 21st century bro, surely we can rock whatever we want without being discriminated against? Earlier I mentioned how the elongated lugs are longer than other designs. On my wrist (6.5 inches ), it wears fine and acts as the ultimate dress watch, although my 35 mm Orion wears perfectly fine too.

You my friend will just have to try them all on. Take your time, take photos and work out which one suits your wrist. And remember, don’t fall into the trap of buying a piece just because it looks good on the wrist of some dude or gal on Instagram. Pick one that looks good for you!

The Nomos Orion 33 Rose Reference 325 is currently priced at 3040 AUD on the brand's website.

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