Seiko SCXP155 - A JDM Watch That's Cool For All Ages

By Daniel Yong

First of all, I have no idea what these Seiko references mean. The same can be said for their more premium brand Grand Seiko, I'm sure that there's another blog that can answer your questions there. Secondly, before we get into this we should probably understand just what the heck JDM means. That I do know. JDM is basically an acronym for Japanese Domesticated Model, simply meaning that they're only available for Japanese consumers in Japan. If I could return back to the star of this article (yes I'm aware that the SCXP155 was released in May), I'd like to discuss why this watch should be on your radar the next time you visit Japan.

For the youngsters

In an age of hyper consumerism, we all have access to an extensive list of watches from the likes of Apple, fashion brands, micro or independent brands and of course, traditional manufacturers. Without a doubt, it's a daunting task for young people to consider which watch they should part their hard earned cash for. We've all made the mistake, you know what I'm talking about. The one where you walk into a big department store and see a cool looking watch for $200 and think it's a ripper of a deal. Next thing you know, bam, you're walking out with what you would soon learn was a mistake. To be fair, most of these watches deserve a high level of respect as they absolutely kill it by using platforms on social media to build hype and therefore sell these like hotcakes. The purpose of this article is to inform any of you young people reading this, to not make that mistake and know that there are watches from 'real' watch manufacturers that are priced equally as that mass produced piece of ... um, yeah. One example that I'm talking about is the Seiko SCXP155. Yes, it's true that these are only available from Japan but dude, the internet man, the internet.

Now the truth is, and I hate to break it to you traditionalists, is that most people from the ages of 15-21 couldn't give a damn about mechanical watches. I believe that there is some sort of validation in my statement considering I work with people around that age. They want something that looks cool and tells the time (as a watch should believe it or not). So the SCXP155 is a hot watch in this sense as it does exactly that. Seiko knew what they were doing when they collaborated with Nano Universe because they looked to the archives, found a very sexy (is it cool if I use that adjective?) military looking watch and decided that this was how they were going to attract prospecting watch geeks. When the watch was released, it also offered a variety of colours and was marketed as the Seiko SUS collection. According to more than that SUS basically meant 'Simple and Strong'. Paired with the reliability of Japanese quartz and a brand that dates back to the 19th century, young watch buyers will either love this watch and it will be their only watch for a while, or dig deep into the design principles of their new watch and fall into the rabbit hole while doing so like the rest of us nerds. It also helps that this watch is quite fairly priced at $180-230 USD.

For the mature collectors

I'll make this one short. It's a military inspired Seiko with a damn reliable quartz movement that's super affordable and you need one.

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