On The Wrist – The NOMOS Metro Neomatik Silvercut 39

By Daniel Yong

The Metro collection from NOMOS are what I would call quirky, but in an interesting and fun kind of way. Some people might argue against me and label these designs as funky. To which I disagree with you sir, funky is more of a term I would use on those cool looking vintage chronographs from the 70s (think Heuer, Longines or Seiko). So why quirky? In this case, the design of the Metro series is something that I personally have not seen from other brands. My initial thoughts when seeing the watch at first glance, is how much it resembles a painter’s palette. Seriously, there are so many analogies one could use to describe this dial, but I won’t get into it just yet. The Metro collection have been a part of the NOMOS family for a while, but this model was devised by German designer Mark Braun.

Cool, but who is Mark Braun? He’s the type of gent who lets his work do the talking, that’s who. Braun is based in Berlin, Germany, where he runs his studio which echoes workshop vibes rather than a suit and tie corporate environment. Which makes sense as designers are busy creating or reinterpreting aesthetically pleasing things. Ain’t nobody got time to clean and pack up! Furthermore, while he’s busy executing, numerous awards are being thrown at him, such as the German Design Award and GOOD Design Award (just to name a few). And if for some reason that didn’t already earn your respect for him, he’s also a humble character who credits his artistic eye to his artist and architect great-grandparents.

How does it wear on the wrist?

Three large red dots at twelve, three and nine, contrasting against that rhodium-plated brushed finished dial, results with an overwhelming sense of wrist deliciousness. These design features are the initial aspects that attract my attention when it pops out from underneath my cuffs to greet me with a “good morning” on a miserable Monday. To add on, every time someone asks me about the Metro series, I’m always comparing the design to a painter’s palette. The reason for this is because on that large clean dial, the hour markers remind me of thick spots of paint, waiting to be picked up by the fine tip of an artist’s paint brush. Kind of similar to how you, as the watch wearer, possess the power to direct or “paint”, the hours of your day. See what I did there?

I admit, I was concerned about the larger 39 mm case size on my dainty 6.5-inch wrists. The final verdict? Due to the thinner profile, it was fine. There’s a couple of factors here that allow for the watch to wear smaller in this instance. Unlike its siblings (think Tangente or Orion), the Metro does not utilise long slender lugs but instead, uses shorter wired lugs. I personally think that these are gorgeous and conjure thoughts of military watches from the 1920s. And just in case you were wondering how the lugs look without the strap, I’ve attached a shot for you. So with the lugs being short, it does not occupy the majority of your wrist real estate. But like I always say, you need to wear it yourself and make that final call. Side note, even if it is big on you and you still like it, then go get it girl!

Who is it for?

This design may not suit everyone’s tastes, especially if you’re someone that prefers traditional design. In my opinion, the Metro Silvercut is perfect for collectors after something unique, highly artistic and full of confidence. Braun’s design is something that is bold and a concoction of elegance and masculinity. Meaning, it would look exceptional on both men or ladies.

I remember writing an article for a certain large retailer, that the Metro is perfect for visual arts educators and those working in other artistic professions. One hundred percent, I can see an interior designer rocking the Silvercut 39 on their wrist, while picking out different paint swatches for a client’s new kitchen. Or a street artist dressed in old denim overalls, working on a mural for the local public library (I hear you gasping). Whatever the case, the Metro is for those who want to feel young at heart and wear something that sparks curiosity and creativity. And finally, craves a style statement that separates them from the rest of the pack.

The NOMOS Metro Neomatik 39 Silvercut is currently listed for $5950 AUD on the website.

Model Name: Metro Neomatik 39 Silvercut

Reference Number: 1114

Case: Stainless Steel 38.5 mm

Movement: Automatic

Dial: Rhodium-plated, with brushed finish, red indexes at three, nine and twelve o’clock

Hands: Rhodium-plated, seconds hand red

Lens: Domed sapphire crystal glass

Water Resistance: 5 atm (suitable for showering)

Lug Width: 19 mm

Thickness: 8.4 mm

Author Daniel Yong (Instagram @mrgrandseiko)

Daniel is based in Sydney, Australia and adores brands that make exceptional watches intended to be worn daily. Aside from watches, he also considers himself to be a hyper consumer of leather watch straps and devours articles on lifestyle and culture. When Daniel is not writing or taking wrist shots, he can be seen teaching middle school while indulging himself with life threatening amounts of coffee.

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