On The Wrist: The NOMOS Club Campus Neomatik Ref 748

By Daniel Yong

One of NOMOS’s most affordable line of watches resides in the ever so versatile family of the Club Campus series. NOMOS refers to these models as being robust as they look and can handle a range of situations. You could seriously pick up one of these and run from a job interview straight into Bondi Beach while looking stylish and not worrying about your watch being damaged. They are perfect for both new and experienced watch collectors as they are so affordable it’s almost a crime not to own one, legit. Due to its affordability and versatile nature, the brand has promoted the Club series as being perfect for those graduating from school or entering a certain milestone in their life. Whether it would be from high school, university, college or if you finally told your boss what you really think about him (or her). Heck, they even provide free engraving on some models. In total, there are 18 models you could choose from and yes, this could be quite overwhelming. However, for this review, I have decided to take a look at reference 748, as the gold accents on the silver dial spoke to me. And seriously, on the new steel bracelet, I knew I had to beg my friends from Glashutte to let me write a story about it. Read on to find out more.

How does it wear on the wrist?

First of all, if I missed any details, please review the specs at the end of this article. Let me begin by stating that my wrist is around 6.5 inches in circumference. Average? Who knows, it isn’t a competition right? Maybe I’ve gained a bit over the festive period. Anyway, with my wrist being more on the dainty size, I have long struggled to find a modern sports watch that fit my wrist and tastes. If you’ve long followed my Instagram account @mrgrandseiko, you’d know that I lean towards simple time only pieces that are generally under 38 mm in case size. The 748 wears at 37 mm with a thickness of 8.3 mm. What this results in for me, is a comfortable companion on the wrist that wears perfectly. Meaning, the lugs don’t overhang and look awkward. The watch just slides perfectly under my cuffs (truth, I don’t actually wear my shirt sleeves pulled down to the wrist).

The reason why I decided to review this model over the others, is that the dial seriously spoke to me. The gold accents found on the hour, minute and seconds hands, just pop out against the white, silver-plated dial. It screams out elegance and is sure to be a head turner. One thing that NOMOS absolutely nails, is design. If you notice as well, the outer chapter ring also utilizes gold colours to pay respect to the theme. Don’t hesitate though, if you’re one of those people that are worried about attracting too much attention, the gold is pretty subtle, depending on how much light is reflecting on your wrist of course. In some instances, the gold can appear looking silver, or even black. Taking photographs of this dial is an absolute pain the arse, I had to play around with angles… or maybe I’m just lacking in skill.

The second reason why this watch blows it out of the park, is of course the new stainless-steel bracelet. It kind of resembles a step ladder bracelet but it isn’t. From a distance, it almost looks like woven fabric until you look closer and actually put it on your wrist. First impression? So much class and quality, as you’d expect from NOMOS. What sets this bracelet apart from its competitors, is that you don’t have to actually use any special tools to adjust it. No links to remove or add… unless your wrist is significantly larger than mine than um, you should probably let NOMOS or your AD know. So how does it work? Like a typical mesh bracelet, lift the hatch with a spring bar tool, slide to comfort and then pop it back down where you should hear a click. Yes, that simple!

Finally, if you’re after the perfect one watch that does it all, it’s pretty hard to look away from the 748. Let me tell you why. First of all, the colour combinations on this piece matched with the bracelet are seriously spot on. White, silver and gold make for the perfect dress watch. What that means is that it looks great on pretty much anything to a suit and tie. As I mentioned earlier, you could easily ditch the suit and throw on your swimming shorts, or bikini (whatever suits your taste I guess), without ever taking the watch off. The white superluminova inlay on the hands (which are blue by the way), camouflages within the dial so discreetly that you wouldn’t even guess it has lume! The final cherry on top, is that the watch is sized at 37 mm with a thickness of only 8.3 mm. Sure, I guess you could have that two watch collection consisting of one dress watch, and a thick bullet proof dive watch… but what if you could own just one watch that did it all? It’s what most of us watch collectors aspire to right? Consider the Club Neomatik 748 as your first incoming piece for 2020.

The NOMOS Club Campus Neomatik Reference 748 is currently listed for $4080 AUD on the website.

Model Name: Club Campus Neomatik

Reference Number: 748

Case: Stainless Steel 37 mm

Movement: Automatic

Dial: Galvanized, white silver-plated Arabic and Roman numerals and indexes with silver superluminova (blue luminescence)

Hands: Rose gold, hour and minute hands with white superluminova inlay (blue luminescence)

Lens: Domed sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on inner side

Water Resistance: 20 atm (suitable for diving)

Strap/ Lug Width: Bracelet/18 mm

Thickness: 8.3 mm

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