My Quick Take On Limited Editions

By Daniel Yong

Straight up, I haven’t got a problem with the whole limited-edition hype. With so much discussion around the uncertain future of watchmaking, I think it’s important to continue getting people buzzing and talking about watches. Afterall, our little world of obsessing over wrist machines is still a very niche hobby in the context of other things. So with that, here are my two cents.


They are either the most beautiful piece in the line-up, or they offer something different to the standard models. Because they are produced in smaller quantities, manufacturers are able to think of interesting ways to excite their clients or loyal collectors. Think Omega and their Speedmasters, Seiko and their nostalgic inducing dive watches, or even Nomos and their collaboration pieces. Another positive addition to limited models, is the feeling of being in some kind of exclusive club. But really, besides other watch nerds, who really gives a damn?


The most obvious issue with limited editions is their price and of course, the smaller amount available to collectors. In addition, like all novelties, the hype for these special pieces will eventually disappear. Because you are spending a significant amount (above average) for these pieces, you better have a long hard think about it and ask yourself if you actually connect with the watch. To build on my previous point, the thing with limited models is that they build on hype and directly target compulsive buyers (speaking from experience). So what I’m saying is, after the smoke has settled and everyone’s gotten over the excitement, companies are already preparing for next year’s novelties where they’ll do it all over again.

Concluding remarks

Look, I’m all for limited editions as they keep us excited and talking about watches and what brands can do. I used to fall for limited editions all the time, but now I’ve gotten to assess watches as their own thing. If the watch speaks to me, regardless of being the most affordable piece in the brand’s line up, or a special rare piece, I would not hesitate to buy it (if I could afford it). So next time when that new limited edition is launched, try to think about the things mentioned here before parting ways with your hard-earned cash. Now excuse me while I disregard my own advice and put a deposit on that new limited edition Grand Seiko.

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