Lifestyle: Two Books By Robin Sharma To Change Your Mindset

By Daniel Yong

I recently came across Robin Sharma when he was featured on Jay Shetty’s ‘On Purpose’ podcast. If you haven’t checked it out, do yourselves a favour and change that. Ever since then, I’ve been addicted to this man’s energy and wisdom. His backstory as he mentions, involved him being a former big shot lawyer who later realised that he was unhappy with the way things in his life were unfolding. This included his health, addiction to materialistic objects, relationships and his legacy. The first book published by Sharma was ‘The man who sold his Ferrari’ which something tells me, was inspired by his own life. The story educates us on what should matter most in life, accomplished in a narrative style format where we follow the journey of Julian Mantle, the once superstar lawyer who transformed himself into a monk. Furthermore, the way it is written is quite clever. Throughout the book, the story is told through a conversation between the main character John, and the transformed Julian Mantle. This is a must read for anyone currently in a position in their lives who needs a reminder. Unlike other self-help books, I didn’t feel like a child being lectured. I felt like I was being coached by a warm, highly intelligent mentor whose punch lines were paired with a soft reassuring pat on the back. Let me tell you, there were lots of nodding and ah-ha moments in this one.

On the other hand, Sharma’s recent book ‘The 5 am club’ focuses on manipulating the precious hours in our day efficiently. He talks about building a habit, a routine that snowballs into a productive day which involves doing the best work we can. Whether you’re a cleaner, a teacher, a CEO or athlete, we all have the potential to take our work to the next level. Sharma refers to this as being legendary. A standout for me from this book, is the idea that there is a magic in the air that only the early risers breathe in. He relates this to the fact that there is a correlation with the most successful people in the world also being part of this exclusive morning club. Guys, both these books are winners and I highly encourage you to give them a try!


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