Five New Luxury Collections From Colareb

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

By Daniel Yong (@mrgrandseiko)

For the faithful readers of the site, you may have remembered that we covered a story on Colareb a few months ago. We described how the Italian leather strap artisans crafted pieces that expressed individuality and high levels of craftmanship. Colareb uses a range of quality leather materials ranging from cowhide, sheepskin, ostrich and even carefully sourced materials to suit vegan collectors. For fans of the brand (I definitely am), I’m excited to announce that Colareb have just launched five new collections as a statement to the watch community, that they are moving into the luxury market. And dare I say, competitors should be worried as their prices are highly competitive. Read below to find out why.

A move into the luxury game

Competing against the big dogs in the luxury strap market, means that there are no longer any tolerances for flaws as seen in their more established line up. The five collections (Verona, Melbourne, Napoli, Siracusa and Torino), use higher levels of craftmanship by ensuring that every detail is perfect. This includes perfect stitching, tapered designs and even the pin holes are on point. Hold on, but don’t all strap makers check this? Unfortunately, there are a lot of strap makers out there that mass produce their pieces so there may be some difficulties in quality control. This might be acceptable when you pay less than $50 but unacceptable when they charge you $170.

In addition, it depends on how you look at this, but the prices on all straps including the new collection, will be increased. I personally think this is fair as more attention will be fed into the creation of these pieces. And honestly, the prices of their new luxury line are still significantly more affordable than other competitors. But do not confuse their affordable prices as being inferior, you just have to try one out to believe me! Heck, even their packaging has changed. Colareb will now send out their straps in a beautiful box when collectors place an order on three or more pieces (look out for my story on Instagram in the upcoming week).

The collection

In similar fashion to their older collections, the new models are named after Italian cities. Now you might be wondering, why is Colareb naming one of their collections ‘Melbourne’? Isn’t that an Australian city in Victoria? My friend you are spot on. But did you know that Melbourne’s sister city is Milan, Italy? The purpose of this concept is to build a bridge across different cultures and international relationships. But my purpose of this article is not to provide you a lesson on geographical locations or cross cultural understandings, but to inform you on Colareb’s new straps.


The Verona is probably my most favourite and the second most expensive strap in their new line up. It features light coloured stitching, textured full grain leather (pieno fiore), and tapered down to pair with elegant and classically designed watches. As most of you know already, I have amassed a small but humble collection of Grand Seiko time only pieces. These do at times look rather awkward on sporty straps, so this new collection is perfect! Pair yours with your Patek Philippe Calatrava, Reverso or vintage Seamasters, and they would breathe life into your timepiece. Or don’t, I’m not your lord.

Strap thickness: 3 mm

Colour options: Black, brown or dark blue

Price: 79 €


Named after my second favourite Australian city, Sydney being the most obvious of course, these straps are made of ostrich grain leather which pairs well for both sporty or classic watches. The leather lining is made of calfskin and damn is that strap gorgeous. I would actually rock this with a chronograph, think Speedmaster or El Primero and away you go. In the evening, if you’re a restless soul, ditch the chronograph for a white dial timepiece and take it to your local jazz bar.

Strap thickness: 3 mm

Colour options: Chestnut or dark brown

Price: 74 €


The Torino is super elegant and texture isn’t as pronounced as the Verona. Due to the thickness being 2.8 mm, I would pair these straps with minimal design timepieces that are thin. As soon as Colareb revealed these, I was thinking Nomos, Junghans, Stowa or anything in between. I would probably steer clear from big thick behemoths like Panerai. But fear not Panerai collectors, wait till you see the Siracusa!

Strap thickness: 2.8 mm

Colour options: Black or dark-brown

Price: 59 €


Weirdly, Colareb are just so good at making sports styled straps that they cheekily launched a new collection. The Siracusa reminds me personally of the Roma collection, but suspiciously more comfortable to wear due to the thinner profile at 3 mm compared to the Roma’s 3.5 mm thickness (but who cares right?) Now the distinguishing features with the Siracusa compared to their other line ups, is that the colours are of a pastel like finish which comes in dark brown, green and rust. The straps are tapered down by 2 mm to the buckle and are again made from the highest quality full grain leathers. They also feature double and symmetrical stitching and would suit sport and military themed watches. Yes Panerai fans, I’m betting these would look amazing on your Luminor collections and surely Sylvester Stallone would approve?

Strap thickness: 3 mm

Colour options: Dark brown, green or rust

Price: 82 €


The Napoli again, are made of full grain leather that is super smooth and soft to wear. The little imperfections on the leather are completely natural and provide a vintage appeal which again, provides individualism as seen on their older models. What makes these different to the Torino is that although they look very refined and elegant due to its thickness, they would also suit sport themed watches. In particular, I would pair these with your dad’s vintage Datejust or even a Seiko SARB if you can still get them. If you can’t, you have a whole range of Seiko Presage, Prospex or Hamiltons to choose from!

Strap thickness: 3.5 mm

Colour options: Black, blue, brown or dark brown

Price: 75 €

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