Appreciating Oris And The Big Crown Pointer Date In Red

By Daniel Yong

Being someone who stands in front of a class (sometimes lecture room) entertaining a group of young people means that the power to influence is in your hands. There’s a saying in the teaching world, that ‘educators have the power to make or break their students’. Of course, I will always choose the former in the sense that one day I understand that these students will be managing the affairs of our country. Speaking of influence, Oris has been a brand that I’ve been keeping a close eye on for quite some time. I've been particularly interested in their dive watch timepieces and what they do to make the world a little bit better.



I won’t go into too much detail, but if you’ve been following the brand for a while you would notice that they have a list of collaborations. Their strategy is to donate a small percentage of profit from a specific model, to the charity the watch is tied to. I mean, that’s pretty cool right?

Following on, with globalisation becoming more prominent than ever, what that also means is an increase in pollution. Don’t get me wrong, I think globalisation is a good thing, but unfortunately there is a huge percentage of people who live in fast paced societies that place the environment at the bottom of their care factor. This has obviously led to our natural environments being negatively impacted. Oris has responded to this by collaborating with a number of non-profit and conservation agencies, and I quote their website, "to establish operations to save Earth’s water and the life it contains."

Movember and the heroes of the pandemic

Oris has also been a long time supporter of Movember, a global organisation that raises awareness on issues around men’s health. Their watches are equipped with beautiful leather straps with a “mo” embossing and take design principles from their vintage pieces. I personally think this is a great move for the brand as the watch collecting hobby is still dominated by men. And from my experience, men still generally do not like to discuss matters of their mental health, so good move Oris!

Furthermore, Oris’s recent response to the pandemic is what really made me fall in love with their brand. Being in a profession myself categorised as a ‘frontliner’, I understand what it feels like to put your own health aside to care for others. The brand recently did a really cool thing where they asked for nominations of 50 local heroes. To show their appreciation, Oris would award nominees with an Oris watch. I’m not sure which model but who cares, the idea is awesome. Some of the nominees included doctors, nurses, bakers, musicians entertaining their neighbours and teachers.

The Big Crown Pointer Date in Red

So with all that, led to this guy. Last year’s Baselworld when Baselworld was still a thing, showed some incredibly beautiful watches. One of the standouts for me was this beautiful, relatively affordable (in relation to other brands) Big Crown Pointer Date in red. Truthfully, I was obsessed with the colour of the dial. It appears to be a flat shade of red but after a week, my experience showed me that the watch can change from a dark burgundy to red depending on the lighting of course.

On the wrist

At 40 mm, it wears comfortably on my 7 inch wrist and I think the sloping lugs allows it to wear smaller. The height profile on this bad boy is thin enough to slip under a jacket but not a cuff, it doesn’t intend to be a dress watch anyway. Returning back to the dial colour, some people might be put off a bright red as it can be very… attention seeking. However, due to the more subtle shade of red, it actually camouflages quite well. In fact, in the classroom I had more students and teachers notice my Seiko Cocktail Time than the Oris and you know what? That’s okay.

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